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February 9, 2022: CWD's Carla Clarkson Debuts on HSN

After almost 30 months or preparation, over 1,000 hours or professional services and management services and tens of thousands of dollars of investments in production and products, CWD's Client Carla Clarkson had a successful debut on HSN Today. She was one of 5 business owners featured including Ayana Vanzant.

CWD has managed Carla Clarkson since August of 2019 when we created and submitted her application to the QVC/HSN Big Find program. Once the application and pitch was accepted by QVC/HSN CWD applied to become an approved vendor and then invested in the Honey Blowout brand in order to get it produced and brought to market. This February 9th debut was a culmination of years of hard work by CWD.

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