Process Automation

Industry: Product Manufacturing

Problem Statement: Currently there are less than 5 wig cap manufacturers world wide that produce high quality wig caps. The wait list to acquire these caps is in excess of 3 years. In addition the process of threading the hair into the wigs is done by hand and takes 7 days to complete one wig.

Goal: Working with Students from the School of Engineering and Industry Professionals from Wig manufacturing, the goal is to create an automated process that would duplicate wig cap manufacturing as well as weaving the hair into the wig cap.

Industry Impact: Lead times to quality wig caps will be drastically reduced from years to days while production time for wig threading will be reduced from days to minutes both of which will cause costs to drop significantly.


​Current Status: Industry company identified, University not yet assigned

Simulated Automation

Using computer controlled mechanical equipment, the process of creating a wig cap as well as weaving the hair into the cap is achieved.

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