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Education: Cognitive Development

Problem Statement: In the United States alone there are almost 6 million people with Alzheimer's and that number is growing. One in 10 adults over the age of 65 has Alzheimer's dementia.

Goal:  To see if repetitive educational exercises using computer based learning tools will slow down or reverse the impact of Alzheimer's dementia. impact

Industry Impact: Currently cognitive development therapy is not given to Alzheimer patients in nursing homes because Insurance does not cover it. The insurance industry does not cover this service because, they say, it has no impact on the patient. If the OBIE board is effective it would be a low cost, insurance covered, tool to combat the effects of this disease.


​Current Status: Software has been tested in a nursing home but needs additional development and updates.

                                          The OBIE Board is a Educational Product created by

Tierranova, LLC. It is a computer software program that utilizes an "edu-tainment" approach to learning where education is entertaining. Designed to increase cognitive development in adults with dementia and alzheimers, the software uses analytics to measure the progress across 10 domains and then displays results in a comprehensive reporting screen.

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