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Real Estate: Construction and Renovations

Problem Statement: A long time Construction Company Owner asked for assistance to develop a web based portal where customers can design their own home selecting materials, paint, furniture and finishes for the home without having to meet multiple times with a contractor.

Goal: Develop a web based portal that would address the needs of the customer including supplying pricing, contractor rates, shipping and taxes.

Industry Impact: Would revolutionize the industry and allow the contractor to lease out the services of the website to other contractors as well as share in the costs of materials, shipping and referrals in addition to subscription fees from users.

​Current Status: Contractor Partner has been identified, Prototype has been created

Automated Self Service Portal for Home Designing

$ 10,500

$   1,500

$   4,250

$  16,250


There is a back order on your cherry hardwood floors that will take approximately 4-6 weeks to deliver. If you switch to Oak we can deliver in 2 weeks and discount your price by 30%

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